Help please!

We our very inexperienced programmers and came up with the following code. When we deploy the code it all seems to work except for teleop mode. We will go to run teleop and our two victors on our left side lights will either both shut off or one will blink and the other will shut off, depending on the time. We also are having an issue with our right joy stick of our xbox 360 controller. It will not control that side of the motor. When we go to look on the FRC dashboard it does not show that we are moving that joystick. Any thoughts or issues with our coding that I have attached?



You have two joysticks declared for USB 0, that won’t work.
One game controller per USB port, no duplicates.

How come you skipped using PWM 3 (just curiosity)?
No PWM cable is plugged into PWM 3 is it?

What joysticks do you have attached? Is it just an xbox controller?

Teleop is not setup properly to use an xBox controller to tank drive.
xbox tank control that uses the left/right sticks to control the left/right of the robot looks like the attached.



If you want an explanation of why Mark’s code handles the process with a single “joystick,” take a look at the LabVIEW Joystick Help thread towards the top of these forums.

In LabVIEW, “joystick” refers to the controller itself rather than the joysticks on the controller. A single Xbox controller is one joystick. The different knobs on the Xbox controller are different axes rather than different joysticks. You’ll want to read the desired axis from the joystick rather than create a new joystick.

Here’s an example of how a single USB xbox game controller breaks down into different Axis and buttons inside our user code.

We skipped PWM 3 because we had originally thought we were having issues with that PWM connection. We jumped to four and found that we were having the same issues. Right now we do not have any PWM’s plugged into 3.

We just have an xbox controller. I will try that for the joysticks tonight!

Thank you very much!