Help please!

Hello friends,

My name is Denis, I do Brasil and participates in the First Brazil. I am of the team # 2247.

Here in Brazil all know the Forum Chief Delphi and love coming here to read information.

I would ask help from you … My team is doing a great project which need some information, who can please help me …

1 # How many users have in the Forum Chief Delphi?
2 # When was the Chief Delphi Forum?
3 # There are pictures of close to the robots First 2007, our team is collecting photos with zoom in mechanical to learn new information
4 # There are a few more sites to read more?
5# It has been revealed some tips on the game of 2008?

So it is friends who can help me with these 5 questions ficarei grateful!

For more informations please send-me one e-mail.

If you click on the logo at the top left, that will answer question 1.
Question 2–I think it started in the late 1990’s (original) and early 2000’s (current).
Answer to question 3–CD-Media. Left side of the Portal page, or the gray bar at the top (should be third from the left). You’ll need to search the pictures.
More sites–see (probably) the bottom left of the Portal page. Also, under the announcements for “The Blue Alliance”.
Game hints–none yet (not obvious), but this is where you’ll see them show up first. CD is faster than the official E-mail Blasts on occasion.

Question #3:
It is not specifically 2007 pictures but a good collection, the galleries are towards the bottom of the page.

But there is no rumor, which will be playing?

And could give some tips to us that we are a team with only 1 year in the first?

First off, Welcome To FIRST!

There have been rumors about this years game but that is all they are, Rumors. The official game hint should be coming out rather soon but it will be clear to everyone when it does, where it is at on Chief Delphi.

First may I say Welcome to FIRST. Hope you have a good season (that was a lot of Firsts!)

Now on to business…
To add to what Eric said…

  1. All of those who have joined Chief Delphi are in the members section of the website. This is on the bar on the top of the screen where it says members. Be warned that many members have not been active in a long time (some for years)
  2. See Eric’s Post
  3. CD media, google, and the websites mentioned below
  4. You could got to the FIRST website: or the Blue alliance one:
  5. No game hints yet, but many originally speculated a water game. (I don’t think so)

As for succeeding in the game, its difficult to answer because we don’t know what it is yet. I would try to get your team together before kickoff to train members, get them used to each other so that they can work well. If you have any more problems, just look on Chiefdelphi.
Hope this helps!


There is a thread referenced in the announcement at the center of the Portal. Directed at rookies, yes, but all teams could probably use a look at those resources from time to time. Also, maybe CD-Media’s Whitepapers section has something to help you. If you need help during build, ask a question in the appropriate sub-forum here (the more specific the question, the better) and wait overnight or so. If you don’t have an answer by then, you may need to rephrase the question.

But besides the hint. (which you as a first year team should probably worry more about funding, learning programming/machining/electrical thing)

You will have to wait for the kickoff on January 5 like everyone else.

good luck and happy FIRSTing!


But do not know if I thought not, but I tried on sites that have passed and not found photos of focus, close up, zoom in engine and the Electronic robots preference of the robots 2007. I need to make this group of images!

Hi Denis,

Have you tried to find others teams near your city to help? I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you!

You’re from Gravataí, right? You should look for team #1156, from Novo Hamburgo, they also have some materials at, just search the “Central de Recursos”, and you will find it. Lots of teams post this kind of tutorial at the internet. And maybe you can schedule a day with #1156 to get some knowledge and tips with them.

Best of luck for you! I’ll be waiting for your team here in São José dos Campos=D