Help, pleeeease! #noob

Sure, no problem! Did you make the changes in the TeleopInit like pizzarocks suggested?

love you benji, very helpful

I will after DnD tonight!

You’re welcome! Really confused, did it work @Evan_4741? Are you guys on the same team?

nah im on a different team, dont even know if it works, just appreciating your dedication to helping a brother out. :moyai:

Yeah, anytime bro!

No lie! A+ help, dude. Will report back as soon as I try it!

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Alright, team! About to begin cleaning this up. Would it help if I took OldCommand out of my vendor libraries?

I’m going to attempt to summarize everything… please let me know if I’m off base.
requires -> addRequirements
OI needs to be replaced with RobotContainer
RobotMap needs to be replaced with Constants
JoystickButtons need to be created
Robot -> TeleopInit -> schedule it to tank drive

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Not a programmer, and I’m surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but “Help, pleeeease! #noob” is a generally unhelpful thread title if you want people to actually know what you need help with. There are people who (whether they should or not) would not even open a thread with a title like this. It’s good that you were at least able to describe the problem, just something to consider in the future.

I would probably remove old command if there is a new version