Help! Programing versa plantary encoder

Are team desided to put a encoder onto a versa plantary gearbox. The encoder uses the Talon SRX data cable to the talon’s data port. From there, what do I program to get the data from the encoder and put it else where?

I highly recommend you read the TalonSRX software reference manual it should be able to answer most of your questions.

I looked at the Talon SRX Software Reference Manual and … it went way over my head. all tho it explains a bit, it is still vary confusing.

I did fail to mention the use of the encoder :o
The use of encoder is to record the rotation of the end of a shaft to a gear that is attached to our shooter to record the angle of the shooter to set to different settings of angle for different distances.

Also. Does the transfer cable need to attach to the Talon it is using to supply power to the motor.


If you’re going to use the encoder function of the Talon SRX to control motor speed, it definitely makes sense to send the encoder input that derives from the output of the controlled motor back to that particular controller.

If the Talon data cable goes directly into the encoder board then it’s a CTRE magnetic encoder. Talon software manual section 7.5.4

Related question: do these encoders only work with talon srx? (we are using sparks)

The SPARK does not have any encdoder inputs. You will have to send the encoder data to a couple of DIO ports on the roboRIO. See this thread for answers to the next few questions.