Help...Question on Scoring.

One of our teams mentors and myself were looking through the manual today and we noticed rule G10 which states

Each TRACKBALL that has CROSSED its own FINISH LINE while not in contact with a ROBOT of the same ALLIANCE will earn 2 points. A TRACKBALL that has CROSSED its own FINISH LINE which contacts ROBOTS of both ALLIANCES while CROSSING will earn 2 points.
Does that mean that if we plan on possessing the track ball that we would have to herd it or hurdle it over the finish line to score, or could we just keep possessing it and make laps?

You need to end your possession of the TrackBall when crossing the finish line for it to count.

The answer is found in the quoted rule. Not in contact means not in contact. Possession involves contact. You cannot keep the trackball in possession and make laps (well, you could, but you’d only get two points per lap instead of four). Hurdling: You could hold the trackball while you cross the line there, but you must release. The reference to <G10> in the hurdling rule has been deleted.

Okay Thanks. Our mentor didn’t know so he made me find out.