Help reading Armabot Turret240 Absolute Encoder

Hi, I’m having issues talking to the Absolute Encoder from the Armabot Turret240. We connected it to the Rio through the 3pin Analog connecter. We program in C++ and tried using the AnalogInput and AnalogPotentiometer interphases. When using AnalogInput, we tried using the GetVoltage function, which only returned 0.0 and 4.8 alternating. We set the OverSampledBits to 1, 4, 5 and 7, and used GetAverageVoltage() but the values were not updating frequently. When using AnalogPotentiometer, the values were fluctuating between 0.0 and 1.08 repeatedly. We connected the wires to a multimeter right at the roboRio and are getting non-fluctuating voltage reading, but our software wasn’t able to read

When using Get() in AnalogPotentiometer, we the analog port on the rio to a mini one revolution analog knob and the software read it perfectly. Without changing the code, we connected it back to the turret, and read random values again.

We’ve used analog sensors almost every season for the past 8/9 seasons, but for some reason, we can’t get it to work this year. Any advice on how to read the encoder would be greatly appreciated.

Alternating between high and low sounds like a digital signal… Are you certain it’s an analog sensor? I can’t find too much information about the encoder on the armabot website. I did find this datasheet, which seems to indicate that the board can support a number of output formats. Make sure you’re using the right ones.

I also found this thread from last week: Armabot 240 Encoder Programming

If you run out of options to try and you believe the encoder is broken, send me a PM with your order number and we can send you a replacement.

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