Help Request: CNC Mill?

Hey folks:

Little bit of a sounding question. Over Christmas break (or holiday break, to be politically correct), I’m going to be building a custom longboard. I also have designs for custom precision trucks, which would be awesome to be able to build. However, I’m only lacking one thing: A CNC to run them on. So here’s the question: Would there be a robotics team that would want to train some new members on CNC operations by running 4 parts for me? There are two types of parts, and I only need 2 of each. I’d be buying the material, and would be paying for shipping to and from, unless you’re in the Bay Area. The parts aren’t TOO complex, but two of them might take a few ops (like 5ish, unless you somehow have a 5 axis up your sleeve…)

But anyway, any help anyone could offer would be much appreciated (I’d even put your team’s logo on my board!


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Team 1323 has a 3 Axis Mill and would love to do it. We are in Madera, Ca and we are about 2 1/2 hours from the bay. If you send the cad files over I could probably tell you if we could help you out. We also have an index? Pm or email me.

lmao, how did I know that you’d be the first to respond to this rc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, no. Just let those two in the same area and it’s CAD wars!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey its Craig, lol.

Did someone mention CAD wars? BRING IT ON!!! </braveheart_voice>

First one to make a 6wd drive with a flexible chassis wins, cough cough ramps!

You both lose–someone did a 6WD mecanum/omni suspension a couple months ago. Try again before I decide to have you do a full robot for 1999!


i win

:edit: aww little too late

Rigid 6WD’s have been climbing ramps for years.

I forgot to mention, no omni’s or mecanum wheels. Straight traction wheels and it has to be a full sized bot. 37x27 (minus one inch for cushion)

So it looks like 1323 is going to be totally awesome and machine half my parts for me. However, they don’t have the ability to do holes that are 42 degrees off angle of the part.

Does anyone have either:
A. An Angle Vise and a .375" drill bit or End Mill
B. A 4th Axis CNC mill?

I would be buying the metal here, I’m trying to see if I can avoid spending a lot of time on a Manual mill to get some of the parts done. If you’re curious what the part is because you might be able to help me out, PM me or email me, and I’ll shoot you the CAD file for the part in question.


Our school has a 4th Axis CNC, but neither the computer to run it, or the tooling to do the job. It just came in a month ago. Sorry :frowning:

You might be able to get 1323 to make a fixture on their CNC to hold the part at 42 degrees.

Oooh! CAD Wars! :yikes: