Help robot still isn’t wired

It’s bag and tag day and our robot isn’t wired. Our team has taken on more than we can chew and still hasn’t handed the robot off to programming. What should we be doing today and in the next week and a half before our first comp that will help minimize the mayhem that will unfold on the first day?

get as much wiring as you possibly can done tonight, and get programmers doing absolutely everything they can without the robot. As soon as wiring is functional, hand it off to the programmers so they can begin debugging their code and tuning PID. You can then use some bag day time to clean up wiring/program more, and hopefully get wires entirely cleaned up before your first match at competition. I know all of this because it’s basically what my team did last year lol.

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Consider pulling one or two subsystems/mechanisms off entirely. This will result in less hardware that needs to be wired/programmed. You can add mechanisms back on before your second event.

Consider pulling things like climbers to start. You are better off driving and scoring hatch panels and/or cargo on level 1 for your first event.

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Would also help if you add your team number and location so anyone who can physically help is more able.

I agree with Mike above, pull off a subsystem or two. Get yourself driving and operational to be an asset at your first event. If you can hold onto your electronics entirely, wire them up separately outside the bag, and then bring as much as you can with you using your withholding allowance.

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That’s a great suggestion.

You might also see if you can just wire up the drive motors, and get the programming team to make them work. then as the day progresses, add the wiring for each subsystem at a time, and do enough programming to make that work. Might be best if you start with the simplest one first. Having a driving robot that can do one or two things is better than having nothing at all working, while qualifying matches are happening.

You should enable display of your location because teams near you might be able to visit you and help.

Are you in a District or are you going to Regional tournaments?

You may want to install all your electronics on a removable panel and bag your robot without it. You can then wire it and test it. Do you have an extra/old chassis sitting around? You can temporarily attach this panel to the chassis so that your programmers can get some work in.

Next year, watch STUDY the “Strategic Design” videos posted on YouTube by @Michael_Corsetto and/or @Karthik to avoid this situation.

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