Help: Robots with flowers?

I am doing a Computer Science project with arrays about spring and my teacher said I could use FRC Robots since the regionals and championships do happen in the spring. Anyways he said he would like me to find a robot for this year that has a flower on it, and looking all of the threads I couldnt find one so I was wondering if I looked past your robot and it had flowers if you could link me to a picture of it?

Thank you,


If you can find a picture of 341 - Miss Daisy, I’m sure they have a flower on their robot.
I know they competed at Chesapeake this year so far.

They have flowers everywhere… Even a mascot in a flower pot.

I’m sure you can find a pic of the bot on that page, or above on the pages of Day 1 or 2.

Thank you guys, you have been great help.


Last year’s 842 robot picture is next to a bed of flowers