Help! Rookie team and i need help with the signal light..

So this is our current wiring for the Signal light and i don’t understand why it is not lighting up. I am really the only electrical for the team and we are a rookie and never done this before and i have zero experience (except for electrical, which i have been doing it by watching Youtube videos and the instruction sheet on the kit).
Here some picture of the wiring for the signal light and i used a different board, different lights too but none light up.

I am really lost :yikes:

Hello Lewis, Welcome to FIRST and Chief Delphi.

The Robot Signal Light (RSL) is controlled by the cRio. You need to connect the DB37 cable from the digital module (NI 9403) to the Digital Sidecar for it to operate.

The Digital Sidecar must be plugged into the digital module in the cRIO via the 37-pin ribbon/connector cable. The signal to the RSL comes from the digital module when the cRIO is on, the Digital sidecar is not the unit that actually generates the signal (it’s just a glorified pin breakout in many cases).

Otherwise, the RSL is wired correctly. Congratulations!


Yep. That Digital Sidecar aint plugged into that cRIO digi module.

Let me just leave this out there for those who are shot in the dark:
for troubleshooting, first make sure the big cable from the cRIO is hooked up the the DS. Also, make sure it has power and at least the power light is lit. Then, I believe, next to the port for the RSL is an LED that will flash the way the RSL blinks. If that’s alive, you have a dead RSL or the RSL isn’t properly plugged in!

When everything is connected as shown on the FRC website, there is a little LED that is right next to the white connector that will turn on. If the RSL is not lighting up the same way as the LED, then there is a wiring issue to the RSL. If it doesn’t not light, then the cable to the digital module is not correctly seated and/or the DSC is not getting power. Both of these items must be good for the DSC to feed signals correctly, including the RSL.