[Help] Running Jaci's Pathfinder



My team and I are trying to implement Jaci’s pathfinder to generate trajectories for tank drive. We are using Java.

However, when we run the program, the code deploys, but we do not get robot code due to a crash of the following error:

no pathfinderjava in java.library.path java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(ClassLoader.java:1867)

We have imported the pathfinder jar file into the build path in our Eclipse project, and we have updated the bulid.properties file to point to our libraries folder, with the line of code: userLibs=${user.home}/wpilib/user/java/lib
There are no errors in the code itself, and it successfully deploys to the robot.

All of the code we are using is essentially exactly the same as the example code found on the pathfinder docs.

Any advice?


I noticed you have the note, “RESOLVED,” at the top of your post. Did you manage to find a solution to your problem? If you did, could you post the solution here so that if others run into a similar problem, the answer is here for them.

For future visitors, the solution is here (read the docs):

I actually read the docs, but had a simple pathing error.

A quote from here:

“Copy the Pathfinder-Java jar file to <user home>/wpilib/user/lib. In your project, open the build.properties file and uncomment the line #userLibs=${user.home}/wpilib/user/lib (remove the # from the front to uncomment).”

I copied the library import path, but the path which my actual libraries were under is (user home)/wpilib/user/java/lib, instead of (user home)/wpilib/user/lib. So although I properly placed the jar file, I hadn’t updated the path in the build.properties file correctly.

Thanks for replying to this thread, and thank you for the excellent pathfinder!


Huh, I didn’t realize that path had changed. I’ll see if I can update it soon

Good for preventing this: