Help send FRC Team 1939 to Brazil next season!

You can use this petition to help convince our head coach that we should go to the 2024 Brazil regional. We would use this as a multicultural opportunity for our team, as well as for outreach efforts, hopefully having a GoBabyGo build-a-thon with the help of a local team.


Love the petition and signed! :grinning:
We hope to have more international teams in our regional in 2024. If you need anything in order to understand the logistics to travel to Brazil or other matter please DM me.

Festival de Robótica SESI is more than a FRC Regional. Is the National Championship for FTC, FLL and our FRC Regional. Is a great opportunity for experienced teams to know and help new teams.

Hope you can convince Mr Arnold!



Sorry I’m new to using CD, how do I DM you?

I send you a message, you will see a notification and you can reply to me.

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