Help Send The GreengineerZ to IRI

The GreengineerZ come from the small village of Berrien Springs, MI. In the 2017 season, we lost our head coach, had to switch build sites twice during build season, and had a team of only 9 high school students. Despite the odds, the GreengineerZ won their second district event, was the captain of the 3rd alliance at the Michigan State District Championship, won their division as the 4th alliance captain at the World Championship, and got to play on the overall championship field (St. Louis Einstein). We recently got accepted to attend the IRI and are running low on funds due to our struggles and accomplishments of our past season. Only one other team in our area of Southwest Michigan has ever gone to this event and we would love to support where we came from, learn about other teams, and share our knowledge. Our team would love any donation we can get as we continue to grow.

Thank you and stay green!