Help setting up Windriver 2011

Our team is having trouble setting up Windriver for 2011. Last year we set up the 2010 windriver software on the classmate, and this year we are having problems getting windriver working. We have searched the forums and tried using the tutorials we found, but none of them have seemed to work. Many mention a 2011 installation disk which we dont have, pointing us to a file to get the LAC, we have the file in our 2010 disk, but it doesn’t work because the 2010 version is out of date. We have installed the new image and run every other update besides net beans for the classmate.

We would appretiate any help, and could use as much detail in a response as possible. We thank you very much for helping.

Did you check your First Scholarship packet for the installation disk? That’s where we found it.:slight_smile:

thanks, that got filed away before we had a chance to look through it, and we didn’t realize that it contained the disc - that helps a lot!

p.s. you are awesome.

There’s also a problem with the path and the WPILIB… If you can’t get code to compile those are the reasons… For some reason even with the updates the WPILIB isn’t there and the path is messed up. You also need to make sure you get the update because it has the FIRST tools you need to deploy your code.

Well, after installation, we uncovered another problem. After a few hours of troubleshooting, I come back for more help. The installation from the 2011 windriver disk was successful, but we cannot find the application for windriver itself, even after installing the updates found on the first website. If there is something we missed, please let us know. Thank you.