Help: "Setup Axis Camera"


Please, we already read all threads, manuals, posts about this but we can’t solution our problem.

I’ll try better:

We already set the Computer IP for static (
We already turned off the firewall
We can access the camera by browser with the IP…
Already a reset on the camera…
We are using the username “FRC” and password “FRC”…

But we can’t open the camera with Labview…

Please, some team that passed by same situation, help us…

By the way… thanks

have you set your subnet mask to

Yes, we did everything that was said in the manual, still unable to access the camera by the “Setup Axis Camera” and “Visio Assistant”

You have power I presume, did you update the crio and reimage. Also did update your software. after updating software and reimaging you can access the robot main and the dashboard deploy the robot main and the run the dashboard if you have all of the proper IP’s then it should work good luck

But at the first moment, I want to access the cam via PC (Setup Axis Camera e Vision Assistant)…

I don’t try yet, connect the cam with the cRIO.

My computer is correctly configured but I can’t access the cam :yikes:

What is your computer configured to. what cable are you using is it a cross over cable? can you gain access to the camera in your browser.

When I set the computer’s IP to and navigate to in Firefox, I can log in to AXIS (username FRC, password FRC) and view the camera. Our LabVIEW code says the camera is at, which is correct, but we’re getting “Timeout in Camera Communications” on the DS. What I’m thinking is that the LabVIEW code needs to know the password somewhere… should I replace the IP with FRC:[email protected] or something?

It is not necessary to change the address to include the login info.

What other symptoms do you have?

Greg McKaskle

Not sure if this is your problem, but what solved the no feedback on my end (and for a few others as well) was running the DS update and having it uninstall everything and then running it and reinstalling.

ok, i havnt actually tried enabling the camera in LabVIEW code, but in C++ code there are code lines that have to be added and adjusted in order for it to work correctly. There might be some function blocks that have to be put in order for it to work through the crio.