Help some FRC mentors win the Red Bull Creation People's Choice

Four mentors from FRC Team 148, myself included, are participating in the Red Bull Creation Competition this weekend in New York City. The contest involves a 72-hour build period where our team, along with 15 others, are building a creation that will transport a person, and fulfill the theme of “Energy in Motion”. The building contest itself is nearing its final hours, but we need your help! One of the awards, the “People’s Choice” award, goes to the team who gets the most votes on their team page Red Bull website. If you want to help out some fellow FIRSTers win an award, go to this website and click the “like” button to vote for our team, which is called Innovation Thirst.

The voting will probably close sometime late tonight or early tomorrow, and any votes we can get will help! Thanks to everyone who has or will vote!

Please help Greg, Jeff, Chris and Justin by “liking” them at the Red Bull Creation Challenge this morning - voting is coming down to the wire at about noon Sunday and they need hundreds of “likes” to win some great equipment as the “People’s Choice”


how did you guys do? I voted just so you know.

Three groups were ahead of them in “likes” 23b shop, i3Detroit, and Techshop.

That’s a bummer. did you guys get any recognition? but better luck next time anyways

Saw you guys mentioned in Maximum Tech…

Hey all,
I will be posting a wrap up on robogreg sometime tonight or tomorrow once I can put all of my thoughts down.

The short of it is that we didn’t win the competition but had a wonderful time and built a really complex machine in 72 hours; ie (1000lb 6ft x 8ft footprint 4 person rideable crab drive with a swingset on the top that helped to recharge the batteries)

The contest for most “likes” goes on until the end of the week and we would win a 6,000 welder setup from Lincoln if we take the top spot. We would really appreciate it if you guys would go and vote and spread the word.