Help, Spark Max Bricked! Recovery Mode Not Working

Hi, we are having issues with our Spark Max. It is not being detected by the can network. The status light wont even power on. We tried to enter recovery mode but they arent detected by the REV Hardware Client. Is there anything else we can do, or are they dead?

While I do not have any advice for the dead one, I would recommend taking a look at what happened before. Last year, our elevator motor began doing that to spark maxes. We burned 3 up before realizing it was the motor (a regular neo).

Eventually, we figured out that we think it was the gearbox. we did not use spacers on our last rebuild of the elevator. We think the gears were not meshing right because of the mounting plate bending. Then it was stalling the motor too long.

We believe it was a bad NEO 550 that caused this issue. We were hoping that there may be another solution to fix it. It looking like they may be a loss.

Call Rev. They may be able to help. They asked us to take ours apart to see if they were burned on the inside, they were not. That is as far as we got.