Help Team 114 Get to Worlds

Los Altos High School FIRST Robotics Competition Team 114, Eagle Strike has won a bid to the FIRST National Championships in Houston this year by being a second-place finisher at our last competition. However, we are in a tough spot financially this year as the robots were very expensive to build. Our team gets very little funding from our district, and all our funding is from corporate sources.

The trip runs about $1400 per student for airfare, hotel, food, and robot gear transportation. We would love to be able to offset that cost for students so that their families do not have to take on the whole burden. We set up a Gofundme page and would love to have you donate whatever you can. We don’t even have enough to cover the $5,000 registration fee. Our team prides on being student-built, and the kids have earned this trip with many, many hours after school and on weekends for months.

This is the second time in our 22 year history that we have ever qualified for our worlds, and we would love to send as many students as possible. Please donate what you can, and we’ll see you in Houston!



We were in a similar spot about a week ago. Definitely start emailing and visiting all the businesses in your area, Look for cheap ways to fly and cheap hotels (we’re keeping per student cost to <$900), even try to get the news out to your community and maybe your school will decide they DO want to support thier now successful robotics program. Good luck with your endeavors and see you at champs!


Yeah we’re doing all that. It’s unfortunate that our team has to rely on corporate funding so much because we quite literally ran out of money after two regionals and a robot. We’re proud that we’ve made it this far but we definitely need that extra push to get us going.