Help Team 1629 win a share of $50,000

Team 1629 GaCo is asking the Chief Delphi community to help us win a share of $50,000 for our “Top Spinner” LEGO project. The spinners teach the students about gear ratios, engineering, and math. Team 1629 provides these spinners to every third grader in our county, as well as, sending them all over the world with missions trips, and to teachers in other countries that are from our county. The link is posted below, although I do not think the voting link is active on Facebook as of yet. This is the Community Aces Challenge sponsored by the Isle of Capri Casinos. Please vote everyday, or as much as you can, and help us spread the word of FIRST!!!

I’d be glad to help!

Thanks! We are up against 149 other charities throughout the US!

Let us know when the voting link is active and we will promote on our facebook page, too! We love your top spinner!

Voting is open just go to and search for 1629, you must be logged in to Facebook to vote!!!

Voting! Also on our team facebook page!

Remember you can vote once a day until March 20th, any vote is appreciated!!!

Remember to keep on voting please!!!

There are still 10 days to vote for Team 1629’s program to win a share of $50,000!!! Don’t be shy, vote today! Visit search for 1629 and click vote (must be a facebook user).

I voted, and will ensure that I vote everyday! I hope you guys win. :slight_smile:

i voted and shared it with everyone else good luck!!!

Thank you!!! Only about 8 more days to vote!!

Two more days to vote, let’s make that final push and see what happens!!!

Search for 1629 and vote…must be logged in to Facebook in order to vote!!!

Thank you and Happy Voting!

Voted again! I hope you guys get it!

See you in 2 weeks!


Today and tomorrow, to make a big push!!! Thank you to everyone who has voted, we still need more!!!

Search for 1629, click read more, and vote…you must be signed in to Facebook!!!

Thank you for all of your support.

Last day to vote, help us make that final push!!!

Search 1629 and vote…must be logged in to facebook