HELP: team 5135 from Israel needs help to compete in houston

We are team #5135 Black Unicorns from Israel, we just qualified for worlds for the first time in our team’s history and we just started looking into the logistics of going to worlds and we understand that we can’t ship batteries and chargers to worlds.
We are looking for teams that can help us with batteries, chargers and other pit equipment.
If you can lend us for the competition the following items it will help us out a lot:
*Pit structure
*Robot cart
*Tables or foldable tables
*Shelves/tools carts or any other form of storage
*Drills and Impact drivers
*Other hand tools


We are still looking for teams to help us with those items, even if you can help us with only some of them please contact us

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Texas Torque would be happy to assist you. We are already lending out all the batteries and chargers we can to other teams, but we can provide tables, tool holders, drills, and other hand tools. Your team is also invited to come to our lab any number of days before the Championship. Please send me a list of tools you are looking for to my email, and I’ll get them to your pit.

Thank you,
[email protected]


Hi 5135 Black Unicorns! Pearadox 5414 is attempting connect teams that want assistance with teams that want to assist. Could you provide an email so I can add you to Google spreadsheet? If 1477 has already assisted you, all good.

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