Help Team 694 get to China!

Team 694: StuyPulse is excited and honored to have been invited to the 2015 China Robotics Challenge. Last year 15 Chinese teams and 4 American teams(shout out to 525, 987, and 1595 for being awesome) attended the inaugural CRC. We had a lot of fun playing with the rookie and pre-rookie teams there. We also collaborated with the aforementioned American teams to give lectures and seminars on various skills like CAD and Marketing. We are looking forward to working with around ~30 Chinese teams this year.

Here’s the problem though. Flying to China, as it turns out, is expensive. Even though the Chinese Urban Youth Robotics League will be covering many of our expenses, some of our team members will not be able to attend. Even for the members who are attending, the trip will constitute a significant financial burden. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping us send students to China, you can follow the link below to get to our page and donate.

You guys are a really great and deserving team. Having experience in conversing with you offline and online has really helped me develop as a person. I think that it’s really important that you all get to go, as it seems to be the kind of life-changing experience that really hits people hard in their hearts. Through this, the team will be able to affect many people, both in China and back here in New York.

This isn’t just donating to StuyPulse, but by extension of my opinion, figuratively and possibly literally contributing to the development of all teams in NYC.

While I’m not currently able to donate to the cause, I will do the best in my power to support it, and I hope many people see it in themselves to as well.

Donated. 694 is doing some great work both here and abroad, this being one of many examples.

We’re just starting to organize for the trip as well. We’re really excited about going back, seeing our friends from last year and making some new friends. Sounds like there will be close to 40 teams there.

Just donated. This is great for all of FIRST. In my opinion, China is the perfect place to continue inspiring students that otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to participate in robotics. Good luck everyone.

Good luck to everyone going!
Even though for once, we are the closest to an FRC event, summer fares are sky high so we wont have a lot of people going.

Wish I could go!:o

It’s going to be another great trip. The seminars will be before the scrimmage - this will give more time for the US teams to help the new Chinese teams to finish their robots. Also, last year everyone was so worn out by the end of the scrimmage that we were too tired to put the proper energy into the seminars.

They are considering a 2 day trip on a high speed train here after the seminars and before the scrimmage starts.

Looks like there will be 2 playoff rounds. The first with all teams included and no restrictions on US teams selecting each other. The second round will be Chinese teams only.

Thanks to all who have donated so far! Every dollar counts! :slight_smile:

I’ll email this to some of our sponsors maybe they can give a contribution that counts.