Help - Team Needs Batteries at New York Tech Valley Regional 2023


We would to ask about some help with the batteries, because we are a international team (Brazil) and for us that need a international trip, the battery transportation is very difficult, maybe impossible :eek: (So, our batteries will stay here).

We are planning to buy 2 batteries when arrive in US.

At the end of the competition, again we will have problems to transport the batts to Brazil, so we will donate for any team that want.

Please, could some teams, borrow for us some batteries. ? This will help us. At the end we will devolve these batteries.

Thanks :yikes:

Team 1860

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Hi, your help will be very usefull. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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@1493kd @Justin_Montois tagging for awareness

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Thanks for the Tag.

Hello! We’d love to help. We can bring 4 extra batteries for you to use for the duration of the event. What size battery connector are you using on your robot?

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We can supply some extra also- please message me a few days before event so I remember to bring them.

If you have any questions or need any help while in the Albany area please reach out. Our school/shop is 10 minutes from event.


The Spare Parts case also includes 8 batteries that are intended for international team use (as well as for spares for other teams if needed). So feel free to request a pair when you get there

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Thank you very much, we are using the connector SB50.

Thank you, will be very usefull

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