Help! Team needs scouting papers

Hey CD

We are SUPER behind on scouting, and we are in need of help from fellow teams. We need any papers that have scouting checklists on them to assist in pit/stand scouting. We are leaving for our first competition tomorrow, so any materials would be greatly appreciated!

My team will be at Miami Valley as well. We can print off some extra scouting sheets before we leave today, and you can stop by the 1466 pit to pick some up if you’d like. I attached one draft of the scouting sheet. My team has an updated version and some other forms they use as well that I don’t have on hand.

2017ScoutingSheet.pdf (36.8 KB)

2017ScoutingSheet.pdf (36.8 KB)

That would be awesome if you could print some extras off!!! Thanks a ton!