Help testing RoboEmu 1.10

Thanks, with the new version, the code works just fine. Now we just need a robot to test it in:) .


Thanks for all of your hard work. RoboEMU make our programming so much easier.

Tim Tedrow

not sure where to put this, but:

RoboEmu doesn’t seem to be working as far as knowing when autonomous mode is running. Autonomous mode should be indicated by auton_mode = 1. Using debugs (before we even do anything, as well as in other places in the code), I can’t ever get your program to say auton_mode = 1. It should change the value of PB_mode to accomplish this, whenver there is a serin just overwrite that variable.

First, please don’t post the same thing in multiple threads.

Second, my answer is at

I apologize, but I wasn’t sure which you would bother to check, and I wanted others to see it so they new what was going on (especially if they had the same problem), so I couldn’t just e-mail or pm you.

Do check my response on the “problems with roboemu 1.10” forum.

Grand job on the progam over all, by the way; you’re a huge help us to all. Being able to test even one part of one program without a robot is more than I ever dreamed of. Keep up the good work.

I just finished writing the code for team 61, and the 2.5 syntax was perfect. The one problem I had was that it all of a sudden jumped into almost a triple time loop speed, and stayed that way until I reset RoboEmu.:confused: Other than that, it was perfect.

Could you also add a function to restart the code you had insted of re opening it?