Help to Deploy a Program in Labview.

My laptop can find the cRIO controller through the imaging tool, yet if I try to deploy or run any program, it tries to establish a connection, and then quits out. My IP address is the correct one for our team (Team 3006: I have also tried deploying sample code and this does not work either, I am running on Labview. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?

Is the cRIO IP address shown for the cRIO in the FRC cRIO Imaging Tool correct as well?

Any Firewall running?

On a side note, does the imaging tool just assume a 10.XX.YY.2 IP address for the cRIO, or does it use Bonjour type service?

I’m assuming its the latter since there is no guarantee your laptops IP scheme (team number) matches the cRIO.

Hard to tell. It seems to scan the subnet plus

No, it shows the correct IP, address, I believe I found the problem though, somewhere in the forums i read that there is a thumbwheel which you have to spin in the correct orientation to make it accept programs. If anyone knows where this wheel is, that would be very helpful.

I haven’t heard that one before…


First just to make sure that everything is set up right ping the IP of the cRIO. If that does not work then double check your network settings.

Assuming that you can ping the cRIO then in the project explorer you should see an entry labeled RT CompactRIO Target (IP of cRIO). If you right click on that entry then click on connect. If everything connects properly with no errors all you have to do is open Robot under the RT CompactRIO Target entry and then click on the run icon (the little arrow in the upper left most toolbar).

Thats it!

if you have any issues please feel free to PM me.

So when I create a project, I should run it from the Robot Main, not the individual program itself?