Help: Torque to Linear force conversion

Here’s a picture of the ratchet. You can see two severely gouged teeth, and these are on the lighter side of the damage we saw that year (we regularly rotated/swapped out ratchets as the teeth became useless). The pawl, too, took a beating in that mechanism, but I don’t have it to show as it appears to have been lost.


To give a reference for the amount of force we were using on this thing, here’s a shot where you can make out two of the (very heavy-duty) springs we used to power it:

In this picture it is set up for half-power, our full-power setup used four springs.

Alas, we could not do this as we used the same motor to both tension and release our ratchet.

Is that aluminum?

I had thought it was steel, but looking closer at the pic it might be aluminum. I’ll check.