Help: trying to find a team that we saw last year

We are thinking about using conveyor belts on our robot this year (to pick the balls up from the floor to our 2006-wheel-like launching mechanism). We remembered that there was a robot in last year’s game (2008) that used large conveyor belts to lift up the ball from the sides (and then bump it with pneumatics at the top over the overpass or something like that.)

My team (2472) would like to find this team or figure out what their team number is to research their robot some more. Does anybody know of them:

They were in the archemedes field last year (I am very sure, that was ours and I repeatedly saw them at the world championship) and they had two large conveyor belts on arm-like mechanisms that were on the sides of their robot. They would close up during the start of the match but then open up like you would open up your arms to hug somebody. Then they would “close up” partially around a ball and then they would power the conveyor belts, moving the ball upwards. The belts were black, no special color. I have no idea for sure, but their team color might have been orange, maybe? :confused:

Thanks anybody. :slight_smile:

Are you thinking of team 27 Rush? I think they were on Archimedes this past year

Team 461 seems to match your description. Look like it?

yep, team 461, with the picture, that looks like it. Thanks!

wow, i just love CD. I got a reply in 2 min. and another one in 3 min.

you know FIRST is big when they have a forum that can do that. :slight_smile: