Hi, Im from team 854 and we ran into a ton of problems and didnt get the robot finished until about 3am this morning * and now we need to test it all but we have no places we can use. The school is closed, the warehouse we were using is closed, and we need to drive this robot around before we ship. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We’re in Toronto in the west end. I heard Woburn Collegiate had a track but can anyone confirm if they are open. Please, again any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Team 854*

We are not open today (family day took our last build day…), but definently try and get in contact with Woburn, i’ll see if I can get a phone # for you guys.

Check your PM’s I sent you a phone #.

Hey guys, Team 1114 & 1503 have a full practice field in the Niagara Region. Send me an email at {contact info removed} if you want more info. We’ll be there until ship.