We have a video that is over 800 mbs and still growing, I have a few questions regarding this.

1.) Can we zip the file and put on the CD, would this take away from the 10 min max?
2.) Can we put the video on DVD?
3.) Is there a better compressor that we can use? (We are using the cinepak codec at 100%, can we use divx if we also have the installer and/or player, would that take away from the time limit if they need to be installed?)

Team 384

DVD is out. Compression, I’m not sure, but I doubt it, it needs to be a self opening exe file. You might want to think about hooking it up to a video out recording it on a VCR. VHS will give you far better quality compaired to squishing it on one CD. If you don’t like that, try and lower the resolution and/or frame rate.

just use VHS. it’s simple, and you run no risk of not having the right codec or an illegal file type.