Help us from losing our team!

Our school is taking away our workspace and we need your help! We have started a petition on in order to show how important FIRST and STEM are to our local community. If you all could sign it would help us greatly!

Save the Warbotz!!!


Quick observation

Your CD signature has team 3964, your petition shows team 3694…



Very discouraging in the age of STEM awareness that a school district would be looking at removing access for a Robotics team.

Good Luck!

Done! It is super hard at times. We’re lucky in that a school district has given us space for quite a few years now but the amount of space is fluid. You might consider seeing if your school district can offer you space in another building.

We build out of an old wood shop at the middle school. Some of the same space is used by facilities and an after school bike program is now going to using some of it also. Talk to other teams in your area too. We visited with PEACCE (3461) this past spring and were really impressed by their partnership with their primary sponsor. At some point in time, it would probably be beneficial for us to find a partner like they have in AGR.


Just sent it to my entire team so they can sign it I hope you guys get enough signatures to say it would be really sad to see you guys go.

Have you approached the school with a proposal for a solution?

Something well documented that includes the problem statement, impact, resolution, and compromises?

To piggyback on Akash… your petition says “We are advocating for a reasonable solution that allows the WarBotz to continue to operate at maximum capacity, while also solving the school’s space problem”, but you don’t tell us what that solution is. You also don’t tell us why the space is being taken away. Is it being re-purposed? If so, for what? A few more details about the situation and the solution you want everyone to support would go a long way.


However, I’m not sure how convincing signatures from “random” people on the internet will be to a school administration. Your goal should really be to show how the team affects the community at large, and your school in particular. And that can only be done by members of your community and students at your school.

What the OP has not indicated is what is the School’s view on how important STEM education is. Do they have other programs they feel work better? Are they really trying to help by temporarily taking your current work space to allow expansion of the school facilities?

Ari is correct that the opinions of people in your community will matter much more to the school administration, especially if they feel that they are accountable to the people expressing opinions.

I would strongly caution allowing there to be an adversarial tone in your team’s correspondence and dealings with the school administration. All the examples I have seen where the workplace issues have been resolved in the team’s favour, the school was definitely on the team’s side.

^^ This. A dozen parents, teachers, or (if a public school) taxpayers showing up in the principal’s office or a school board meeting will mean more than a thousand signatures from all over the country.

How interesting…

Just saw that you guys were able to keep your spot at your school congrats from team 107