Help Us Get to Worlds!!!

Hi everyone! Can you help TorBots team 1197 out by donating to the GoFundMe page to help us go to Worlds! Anything is appreciated! Thank you!!!

Just a bump. Congrats for making it good luck

I did a little donation. You guys are doing 3 events that’s expensive. Are your sponsors helping out for world’s? I hope to be in your shoes in 2 weeks. Good luck

Yep, we’re getting generous support from some of our sponsors specifically for the Championship. This is to help make sure we can get there.

Eric, I’ve kicked in a donation. FIRSTCal is giving $4,000 to each qualifying team this year. Did you receive that? Also, check if you’re local Rotary is running a raffle ticket this April. We raised ab out $3,000 each year doing that.

No idea, I’ll ask the team tonight.