Help Us Improve Robotics Mentorship!

Hello Chief Delphi Community,

We are developing an app designed to connect experienced robotics mentors with teams in need of guidance and support. As part of our development process, we aim to understand the needs and preferences of team coordinators like yourselves.

To gather valuable insights, we have created a survey specifically for team coordinators. Your feedback will be instrumental in shaping an app that effectively addresses your mentorship needs and concerns.

Survey Objective:

  • Determine the necessity of an app that connects mentors with robotics teams.
  • Understand the willingness of teams to accept help from mentors outside their current network.
  • Identify specific areas where additional mentorship is needed.

Who Should Participate:

  • Team coordinators and mentors involved in FRC, FTC, VEX Robotics, and other robotics competitions.

How to Participate: Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey [Click here]. Your input is crucial and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and contribution to the robotics community!


Could we learn a little more about yourself and who you are? Initial motovations, your FIRST experiences, etc? The survey contains mandatory fields for name, team number, and contact information (email). I would like to know who is behind the survey before I provide information.



I’d like to know more as well. We already have the FIRST mentor network. (Granted it’s not effective )

  • How is this tool different
  • How will you be recruiting mentors to the tool
  • How will you assign teams in need and route people to them

This is a very big issue me and one I’m spending a lot of time and energy attempting to resolve locally. Its not as simple as “if we build it they will come”


Also as it’s not just 1 Individual behind the project but a “we”. So who is this group of people, not just the OP who just made an account recently. Not suggesting this is a bot or anything, but we dont know anything about the people behind the scenes here.

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Our FIRST Regional Director is already doing this. Is this not common in other locales?

I think everyone (at least every delivery partner) is trying to address the mentor problem. It’s the primary constraint on FIRST growth and sustainability.

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A google search led to a very interesting history… and only increased my skepticism, unfortunately.


From their website (I think based on the username), it’s currently down and way back machine is being DDOS’d right now so I’m pulling from what Google cached.

For ten years, I have represented Brazil in international robotics competitions where I developed a taste for innovation and technology.

This might explain some of the background and why VEX was mentioned on top of FIRST. Doesn’t mention a team number though.


possibly connected to FRC team 1772 (in 2015)

According to LinkedIn they volunteered at an FRC off-season event as a judge 4 years ago (if it’s the same person)

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May also explain why it seems marginally AI generated, if english is not a the OPs first language (the term “team coordinator” stood out to me as an odd choice)

Just from copy and pasting the OP into the first AI detection page from google search results:

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Possibly, could also be that English isn’t a first language (Brazil) so they used a GPT to translate? Still doesn’t all sit well and I’d like to hear from OP to explain the concerns before people fill it out


My apologies for not sharing this earlier. I am an alumnus of Team 1772 (The Brazilian Trail Blazers), where I served as a mentor for about 10 years. During this time, I also mentored other Brazilian teams, such as #7033 and #6902, and assisted the first team from South Africa, #7523, in getting started with FRC. Beyond FRC, I have experience as a STEAM teacher in China.

Currently, I have transitioned to a career in technology as a Product Designer. Given my extensive experience on both the mentoring and technical sides, I see a great opportunity to improve the mentorship landscape in robotics. That’s why I’m seeking your feedback


No apologies needed, I think the forum is more on edge with newcomers lately as we had some AI posts that were less than forthcoming.

In future until people know you, add some of the alumni numbers or information to your profile. It will help people know more about you and your vast experience! Welcome to CD!


Thanks for sharing that, I see that as effective feedback already.

I understand that there are some mentor networks are being developed, but the idea is to make something more scalable. I know many teams outside US that would benefit a lot from having talks with mentors from around the world, and that is the main motivation.

Regarding your last worry, as I explained in another reply, as a Product Designer now I can help more tying it all together.

I’m completely open to discussing this further if you’re available @LPryor.


Yes, It is AI generated, but just to make my life easier for now. Not a bot here.


I always love efforts to improve the availability, efficacy, or distribution of mentors! What does this project aim to do outside of the scope of the FIRST Mentor Network?


Great question! At the moment three other scopes are aimed:

  • Tracking outcomes and incentivizing follow-up meetings so the mentored team does have continuous improvement and sees benefits at the end of each interaction.
  • Having a reward-based system so the teams get more chances to contact mentors from different tech areas if they complete the work plan suggested by the mentor.
  • Revenue for Mentors is one of the main barriers to retaining mentors for longer periods is the need for financial stability. After a few years of mentoring, many mentors need to move on to college or pursue full-time jobs. Providing a source of revenue for mentors can help them continue their valuable contributions while managing their personal and professional growth.