Help Us Indiana Teams!!!

The students of Cyberblue 234 have organized a CAR WASH Saturday June 21st at the McDonalds on US 31 Indianapolis, Indiana

The money raised will go to American Cancer Society which is a program that raises money to celebrate the survivorship and to help fund more research.

Please come out and help the cause. We will be there from 9am-3pm Saturday June 21st.

[with the help of sponsors and other donations we are determined to reach our goal of 2,000 dollars]

Directions to McDonalds

Link to find out more ways to help the American Cancer Society

Sorry, dumb question, what’s around the McDs? Best of luck!!! I might just bring my car down… it needs a good washing.:yikes:


The McDonalds is just north of the Greenwood Park Mall. Here is the exact location

beautiful! thanks! :smiley:

What if you tied in with IRI? You sell a ticket as people pull in saturday. Ticket goes on windshield. You wash car while people are in gym and put thank you note on car when done. I would shell out a fiver to have a clean car to drive back to michigan. Upside-alot of cars. Downside- alot of cars. You would also need a pick-up truck with a water tank and sprayer.Also,need good weather and don’t know how people who didn’t pay would feel if their car got alittle wet. Heck , maybe just have a corner in the lot where we could take our cars during lunch. Just a quick idea.

I think that is a great idea.

We can get outsiders to come in with students holding car wash signs up and while they are waiting on their car they can go inside and watch the competition.

It is a way to bring more teams together and great way to raise money

I might try to come by; you’re closer to our neck of the woods.