Help Us Put Fun into Fundraiser

Hello Everyone! No matter the organization, fundraisers are always difficult and you never know if people will show until that night. We have held some successful fundraisers in the past like a bags tournament, a trivia night called Are you Smarter than a Robot, and collaborating with a restaurant. My team and I are looking for fresh ideas and was hoping to see if anyone has held some super successful robotics fundraisers.

We have some ideas in our head including Are you Smarter than a Robot 2.0 and a night at the races. A night at the races is showing old footage of horse races and having people bet on it. We have also thought about collaborating with another restaurant again.

Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!

A few things we’re going to do over the summer and the beginning of next year are a summer camp and a silent auction. Both of these serve more than one purpose by interesting kids in robotics or getting local business to donate items, which could make them more likely to remember us if we’re interested a sponsorship with them.

We also have every member send out at least five emails at the beginning of the year to ask friends, family, etc. for money.

Have you a relationship with a local HVAC contractor?
If not make one.
Team 346 the RoboHawks are working on a video that will describe and guide teams through a terrific funding opportunity.
We hope to release it in late July.

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