Help using limelight with labview

This is my first time trying to program something in LabView using Limelight and i’m confused on where to start. I copied the code from the website but i’m not seeing the code reading any limelight values when i give it an output to the panel.

It’s been a year since I used the limelight but you are reading network table values I believe.

So this is how I would troubleshoot:

  1. Are you getting any other NT values from anywhere else? I.e. Is your network table connection working? You can send from driver station.

  2. Can you surf into the Limelight and see that it is detecting April tags and it is sending data. In other words, is your limelight working?

  3. Post your code and help us understand what you’re trying to read and where you are reading it? If the above 2 tests are ok, then you must be doing something wrong in your code and the only way for us to help is to see your code.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply!

1: I believe so, we use NT for the joysticks and that still works.

2: It definitely is detecting AprilTags last time i checked.

Screenshot 2024-02-22 110621

Forgot to add: This was in periodic tasks, i’m not entirely sure where to put the limelight code.

Did you setup the network side of your limelight to be a fixed IP in your subnet?

Since your team number is 2027? Then your RIO should be setup with an IP address like and the Limelight should have an IP of

You should set your RIO and Limelight to have static IP’s.

How have your wired your limelight into the same network as your RIO? Are you using the outside port of your Radio or something like this:

Here is more info on Limelight’s website:

So i did that and it’s still not working. I think it’s a coding issue, the NT indicator on the driver station says it’s reading the Network Table. Am i using the right name to call it? I also changed the code in autonomous to this to check if it’s reading the data.
Screenshot 2024-02-26 152155

just a couple points about that snippet;

  1. the OPEN should only be in the BEGIN.VI and after it should at least folow a SETREF command and a name for that motor
  2. if that code is meant to turn a motor by the /ta value * 8, then there needs to be a GETREF using the name you gave it in the BEGIN and that command feeds the SET command