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How to run a code to the rio? Debug? Go?
I updated our code and want it to be updated on the rio too. It is competition code. Just a minor change.

Top right corner, there is a red ‘w’ in a bit of an orange-red hexagon. Click it, a dialoge box should open, type ‘Deploy robot code’ and click the button which says ‘WPILib: deploy robot code’

it is supposed to take less than 1 minute for commenting out lines correct?

Depends on if it’s been deployed before in this computer session, but yeah, less than a minute is typically enough for all of my deploys

Thank you! It worked

Shift + F5 will deploy code as well.

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I remember F5 but not shift and was afraid to press it

F5 just runs your robot code in simulation.

Something that I noticed while deploying through vscode: at least for me, the ‘w’ interface freezes frequently leaving me unable to deploy code for minutes until it finishes loading… My solution was to copy the script that it runs (look at the beginning of the console when you deploy) to a shell script which I can then run through terminal. For me this solution works much better than the vscode interface.

Also if you press Ctrl+Shift+P recently used options will pop up and you can choose Deploy or build robot code there

I just felt like it should be included in this thread. After playing a bit with commenting, I realized VSC tells you if something is wrong with the code by red squiggly lines and the tab on the left becoming red. The only thing I know right now is if the code isn’t making sense in a ‘subgroup’, all of the other “words” of the subgroup name will become underlined red.

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