I need a little help with converting Word Files (.doc) to Works Files (.wps)?? I tried the copy/paste method, but it didn’t work too well. When i try to open the file in Works, it tells me eather the file is currupt, or it is not the right file type. I don’t have word aviable to just convert it in there, so if there is a seprate program that i can convert it in to, or if there is a download for Works, please help me.


in word there might be an option that lets you set the file type try to find the works file type

Office XP can save as a .wps file, so ask the person who gave it to you to do that for you.

If you can’t, worst case, you can just E-mail them to me and I’ll convert them and e-mail them back: any one with Word can do this for you.

Thank you, when i get a big file, i will send it to you, but after copy/pasting and some typing to correct it, it came out fine. Once agian, thanks for the help!!

P.S. I don’t have XP, I have Win ME…(DOH!)

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