Help! We lost our Classmate Charger

We need help. We lost our Classmate charger last weekend at the competition. I will order one from CTL but which one should I order? There are two on their website.


As long as it’s got the right input voltage and output voltage, any charger that plugs into the classmate should be fine. One of the “universal chargers” from Walmart might do the job just fine.

the 1st one is for the atom (FIRST)

the 2nd is for the convertible

If you want to try and find your original one, I think you can fill out some lost and found paper, but I don’t think that you’ll be able to get it back in a timely enough fashion. I was just saying. I don’t know when you need it by.
that is were you can get the correct one a little pricy but its wrth it to use the classmate to practace

Here is a deal I ran across for a $5.38 netbook charger. I use it for my aspire one and I hope it will work for the classmate (tip size and polarity).
Output is 19VDC, 2.5A
Built in USB power port
Works with these devices:
I’ll report back with what I find.

Great news! It works with the classmate using tip H :yikes:
1 replacement charger + shipped 2nd day = $5.38…now that’s slick.