HELP! Website hosting problems.

Howdy ho
i build a webby for our team, its about 150MB with all the media in it…
im having trouble tofind a good web host for it with domain…
can u guys tell me yours, or tell me about any good and CHEAP ones?

I personally like, as it’s cheap, fast, and has lots of tools for you–(server side plugins, etc).

GoDaddy is just as good, but I think a little bit more expensive. Check out both, they’re equally good. My team uses Godaddy.

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Our team website ( is hosted through
We haven’t had any problems as far as I know, and they are very reliable.
A lot of teams also use, that’s the site that NEMO is hosted from, and also the ConnVex website.

Also, check out this thread:
There are FIRST-related teams and groups that will offer FREE web hosting.

This thread is also pretty great, it lists a lot of sites that other teams use, as well as some prices:
Hope this helps!

all of those hosts are for US\Canada citizens only…
Im israeli =]

i personally like

search around a bit and theres a coupon code for 50% off their already cheap price. it gives you an insane amount of everything for $4 a month, $2 dollars with the code. you get a free domain with it too. i use it and am very pleased. it has only been down once, and that was because i crashed it with some bad php mysql coding :slight_smile:

I did some work for the owner of

Hes a really good guy, with some quality stuff. Plus he hosts FIRST teams/organizations for free. I believe hes alumni of the Circuitrunners.

Theres a thread about sevaa. Its free hosting but he requires you to buy your domain name from him so thats $15 a year.

Domains normally go for $9 a year.

$6 a year for (I believe) uncapped, quality, hosting is the best deal you’re ever gonna get.

My team is offering free hosting to teams, send me a forum PM, email, or message on AIM my SN is oloS necaJ.

No, Im saying to get the free hosting from Sevaa they require you to buy or transfer your domain name with them. And they charge $15 a year for the domain name.

He meant that with the 6 dollars more per year than the average, you’re getting good hosting on top of a domain.

We have are web site through, they are really low priced for .com, .org and other address names. Some other reasons why I like then is because they have fast up loading speeds on to there servers, great customer support, high bandwidth usage per month, go check then out at Hope that helps.

try duportonline. i use them for my personal site, and they have excellent, low priced plans. they also have AWESOME customer service that responds in less than 20 minutes (every single one of the 15 times I have contacted them).

I think they already have hosting >.>

I was doing a bit of research and is the cheapest. It is around 18$ per 6 months for a domain and some simple hosting. Go daddy with the coupon turned out to be $88 something. I suggest 1and1.


the only thing with 1&1 is that the only comments on their service that I’ve seen have been bad ones. That’s why I chose duportonline, which has prices that are very close.

and yes, my grammar may make no sense. yes I can speak english. i am just tired :ahh:

What is better? Microsoft hosting or Linux Hosting?


It depends on what you’re hosting, if you’re running .NET applications you’ll want a Windows host*… for just about anything else you’d want a Linux host.

*Yes, I realize there are things like the Mono Project to run .NET applications on various platforms but they’re always going to be 5 steps behind a Windows host.