Help! What kind of belt will fit on Denso Window Motor

We need to quickly find a belt and pulley to fit our denso window motor. Does anyone have any specs? part numbers? McMaster has a lot of different ones, but I don’t know which to use.

umm… i’m not sure that the denso motor shaft is even for a belt… correct me if i’m wrong please… i would use a shaft coupler onto a shaft and then use any timing belt pulley/belt combo you want (you can key the pulley onto the shaft)

You are correct that the motor is not made for a belt. There is a coupler and that is the only way (without machining your own parts) to get a pulley attached to the motor. I am about 90% sure that the coupler is made for a 1/2" shaft with a 1/16 key (measure the motor) and you could even turn down the coupler on a lathe to about 1" in dia. and then put a pulley on it (Shaft would be better and easier). You can use any size belt you want with any size pulley as long as you think it can take the load.

Hope this helps!

Link to motor Specs