Help! What title would you give this role?

Each year mentors of 1318 choose roles for competition (drive team, pit leads) in the latter half of build season. This year, a new role was created and I was assigned to it. No official name was given for this role, but a temporary name of “team inspector” was given. Here’s the outline:

  • systems checks
  • check to make sure the correct battery is in the robot, charged and connected
  • make the final (Go / No-Go) decision on whether or not the robot is ready – and be the last person in the pits to touch the robot before it leaves for a match
  • robot triage after the match to determine if something is wrong, and then coming up with a response that can be executed in the time available
  • keeping an eye on potential problems that might come up, and being ready when they do

I was told that I could come up with a better title, or keep “team inspector”. I’d like to find a title that encompasses the entire role, two titles could also work (“team _____ and robot inspector”, or something along those lines). “Pit lead” doesn’t work, since that responsibility falls under our mechanical and electrical leads.

On my team, we refer that person as the Pit boss. Hope this helps!

I’d call your position “Pit Coordinator” or “Maintenance Coordinator”.

I would call this crucial role Quality Control.

This is one of the most important roles on the team, especially this year. I’m happy to hear that your team has created a dedicated position for it. Good luck this season!

Given some of the footage from Palmetto thus far… Could I suggest “Flight Director”? :smiley:

I would use the term Quality Control and Maintenance Officer.

That is the best title by far. I now desire to be called that.


We use this term. They are also regulatory compliance during the inspection process.

Pit monkey.

On our team we would call a person like that the “Crew Chief.”

Flight Director…yeah, that’s the part of Mission Control that you now have. Probably the most important job on the team.

Take it seriously! :cool:

In honor of the game I suggest it be called the “Siege Engineer”.

I really like this one!

On our team, we have historically called this role the “Pit Boss” or “Pit Manager”.

Would be cool if you put one of those remove before flight ribbons on the bot. As soon as it came of the game floor and it doesn’t leave the pit till you remove it

Ordered. ::safety::

Glad I could help.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! “Flight Director” is the one we all liked.

This is a great idea, I love it! We actually have a real one from an airplane that a mentor who works at Boeing brought in. This non-verbal communication between the pit crew and the drive team is perfect.

I would call that: Maintenance Director or Maintenance Lead

Thomas J
Operations Director
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If you want to draw a parallel to Auto Racing. That position would be called the Car Chief.

So maybe a title would be “Robot Chief” ?

In the Natural Gas Control Room where I work we have a Chief System Operator who has final say on any of the major operational issues.