HELP! where can i wtch the last regionals??

i couldn’t find records of matches from last weekend’s regionals…
two weeks ago i found them about a day after they were played and now they are not in SOAP ot THEBLUEALLIANCE
if anyone knows where i can watch some games from the last week’ i would love to know…
THANKS!, ziv

Look here:

Click EVENT LIST, then click WEEK 1, WEEK 2 etc., then click the name of the regional.

Actually, at least for me, if you wait a few seconds, everything will appear and all you need to de is check the regional name to get the matches to come up.

hmm it doesn’t work =
it shows me all of the scores but when i want to watch it it says it’s unavailable and doesn’t come up… think this may have what you’re looking for.

It appears that the raw video footage hasn’t been edited yet. They have to break it up into 2.5 minute chunks to link each match. Patience, Grasshopper. :slight_smile:

Relax, it takes time to record, encode and upload all the matches from a regional especially if the team (108) that does the work doesn’t go to a regional that weekend. they are getting help form other teams that did attend week 2 regionals and as soon as those teams upload there recordings team 108 and those from blue alliance will provide us all with plenty of video.

ive been checking daily for the uploads… must be patient, thought id personally would appreciate a time table for the video :wink:

its not that i’m not patient or not appriciating the ehard work they’ve been doing its just that i’ve felt for some reason that everyone sees them and im not…:slight_smile:

Kansas City is mostly available here:

if you did not watch the webcast coverage (9am-5pm EST) during the weekend then you did miss alot of footage. but the webcast cannot compare to the image quality of video archives from team 108 and TBA, since week 2 is still not up then no one has seen the videos that you seek… but everyone wants to and is very exicted. in the mean while watch week 1 videos. BAE was just recently upload and looks great, oregon seems to be up too.

I attempted to download the KC videos but they don’t seem to work. Is anyone else able to download the videos ?
Look here,