Help: wiring ADXRS300EB Gyro Eval Boards

Just got our Eval board from Digikey.
I presume I wire red to AVCC, Black to AGND, & white to RATEOUT.

But the documentation says " Note the… charge pump supply … PDD… are not connected on the ADXR… and the user must connect these as appropriate.

What do I do with PDD ? connect it to red as well ?

There are directions here:

You may also find the gyro zip file here useful:

Thanks. I did find a datasheet specifically showing the charge pump supply (PDD) being connected to AVCC (ie red 5v) and have since successfully wired it up. Slightly more complicated than the version but they are out of stock for weeks!

Now to make (intelligent) use of it !

We have used both Kevin’s FRC drivers & Easy C.