Help Wiring Pneumatics

We are making some last minute decisions and have decided to work with pneumatics, we have a guy programming and its up to me to wire it. I have not worked with pneumatics before. Problem. I need a diagram showing all standard wiring to the digital sidecar and the wiring to the CRIO for the pressure switch, Festo double solenoids, spike relays and pressure switch, i haven’t found a single wiring diagram. Any help would be much appreciated.

Check the First website for pneumatics manual and the Robot wiring diagram Rev B. The wiring diagram has more than one page and the pneumatics manual should fill in the blanks. A solenoid driver module in slot 8 of the Crio will handle 8 valves and can be wired for 24 volt valves. You will have a lot of help at your first event. All you have to do is ask. Check with your Lead Robot Inspector if you are too shy to ask the team on either side of you for help.

The teams are very helpful at the events but we want to set up a system for testing right now. i looked in the pneumatics manual on and i’m not seeing a wiring diagram, just the pneumatics circuit, I still don’t quite know where to place the PWM,s from the spike relays and pressure switch to the digital side car.

LabVIEW’s Solenoid with Compressor diagrams the wiring:

It doesn’t cover the solenoids, but this wiring diagram does:

I got your email, but I can’t use attachments were I am now to send you diagrams.
Plenty of help to be found here though…

Ok. Thank you very much.