Help with 3ds max

Hi i need help with 3ds max i can not figure out how to add a skin material to a biped ive gone through the tutorials and still cant figure it out. plz help

Ok, as far as I know you should be able to drag and drop the material from the material editor to the biped, or you could try selecting all the pieces of the biped(arms, legs, etc.) go into the material editor select the material that you want to use and click on the button that when you scroll over it, says, apply material to selected, or something like that. If either of those don’t work, then you probly can’t do it. I’ll look and see if I can’t figure anything out, tell me how it goes.

Ok, I figured it out… Ok this is kind of a long process, but it gets the job done… First off: start off by selecting all of the pieces of the biped by pressing H and selecting them all from the list(don’t select bip01). After selecting all the pieces of the biped now go to the modify panel and go to the modifier list and go down to material. There will be a material ID attribute there, just leave it as 1. Now go to the material editor and change your skin texture from a standard texture to a multi/sub object map, when it asks you to discard or keep, keep. Next click on the 3rd button from the right, it looks like a sphere with an arrow going to a box, this is the assign to selected button. Now, if you try and render you get an error message(if you’re using any sub maps ie:bipmap, noise, etc.), it will say the UVW maps are incorrect and the rendering won’t render them right. To solve this, with all the biped still selected, go back to the modifier panel and go to the modifiers and select UVW Mapping. In this rollout, you’ll see an assortion of different buttons and scrollers that you can adjust accordingly. Once you apply the UVW mapper you can test render to see how it looks. You can change the UVW tiling if you want to adjust the way the material looks on the object or you can move the gizmo to try and change it… if you have any questions, just ask. and I hope that this helps you out :wink:

So, how long have you been working on 3d Studio??