Help with ADIS16448 IMU

Our team is a rookie team and got the ADIS16448 IMU with our kit of parts; however, we cannot seem to figure out where to get/put the libraries for Eclipse. We want the IMU for the gyro, but think we could find use in all of the functions it has to offer so we do not want to give up on it and use the ADXRS450 Gyro. We have looked at the GitHub, but it seems to be only for LabVIEW. Will we just have to use the ADXRS450 Gyro if we use Eclipse, or can the libraries made for LabVIEW be used by Eclipse in someway? Any help is much appreciated.

I would also like to know how to use this sensor. Also, will it work with a RIODuino (we’re using one to control our lights)?

I tried using the file from github ( but I had some errors about it not being imported / instantiated properly.

We are successfully using the class provided at

We downloaded and placed that class in the same package with the class and imported it into Define a new ADIS16448_IMU as shown in their example and it should work just fine.

Let me know if you are still getting an error.

This worked, thank you! For clarifications if anyone else has this issue, open up the eclipse project folder to src and place the folder com/analog/adis16448/frc/ into the src folder.

That link of how they imported it is no longer a valid webpage. I put the folder with the src folder in my eclipse file, yet it’s throwing errors in the editor saying that it cannot be resolved on many import commands. For example, “import java.nio.ByteBuffer;” on line ten of Perhaps I placed the folder in the wrong place? I didn’t place it with the Commands/Susbsystems folders. I placed it with the src. May that be the error, or is it something with importing?

Are you sure you have the latest version of WPILib installed? It sounds like the IMU driver can’t find many of its dependencies.