Help With AM-3071 (jacketed CAN wire)

My team has several of the 10ft jacketed can wires from Andymark and we would like to use them, but the jackets are very hard to get off. We’ve tried wire strippers, scissors, and even the tool to pull the jacket off category cable. We still have issues. Is there a good tool to remove the outer black jacket from these? It can’t be this hard.

With the current storm, we cannot meet until Saturday, and when we do, I will verify the actual make and model of our stripper, but we have something similar to this and use the 12 gauge section for the outer housing on that cable.

We have that same one, but we couldn’t get it to work… I can try again. Maybe we were using the 10 gauge hole, I’ll try the 12.

What we do is use the center (largest) hole, and have the clamp on the part we want to keep (Blade facing the part to be stripped). Then, make sure the cable is straight. It works for us. It is definitely difficult and annoying though.

I’ll give it another try Tuesday (School won’t let us meet at other times.) Thanks for the info

tl;dr it is this hard