Help with analize the game and make strategy

Hi Everyone, this is my second year as
team mentor or Alumni after 1 year of being participant at the engineering area, and I’m feeling very lost about how to analize this game and all the possible robots would be in the competition, who would be captain, first pick, second pick, how to select the strategy that would be better to my team, I have been viewing the Spartan Layout for a succesful robot and working with that this 2 days, the Karthik Efective Strategy and Citrus Circuits Strategy Design, but I feel lost on how to do that, the tools or step by step I could analize better the game, the cycles, the class of robots and selecting one, if you could give advice on how your teams does, advices too, it would be very helpfull, thank you so much

I don’t know what will work for you but this is why my team does.

We spend the first day just looking over the rules and learning the game terms, this way we all have a somewhat good idea to start thinking about strategies. This takes a good while due to all the rules and such each new game brings.

The next day we take a deeper dive into discussing different parts of the game and how we think some teams might play it. From the best of the best to first years. By doing this we can get an idea of what we want to do and what we expect to see. After this, we come up with a loose idea of how we wanted to play and start to come up with an idea for a robot, mainly the drive train for now. At this point, it is very important to understand what your team can do. My team would love to do swerve but we have not done that before and view it as too challenging to try during the build season.

On the third day, today, we will be finishing up the strategy that we want to go with to then start moving forward on coming up with ideas for the rest of the robot.

For me, the best way to come up with ideas on how to play the game is to discuss with team members but also look at other stuff on this site, the FRC discord, Robot in 3 days, and youtube(First Updates Now is great). The goal is to get ranking points so focusing on them can give you a good idea on what you should make a robot do.

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