help with autoCAD!!

What i’m trying to do is scale my drawings in their mviews. I know that when you want something in 1/4" (architectural) scale, you type in zoom- 1/48 xp, but I don’t know the #s to put in for engineering scales. If anyone can help me, post on here or IM me @ Stacybg

thanks :slight_smile: and good luck to all teams!

captain, team 353

Firstly…I am going to try and convinve you to use inventor…it is soooo let me repeat…SOOOOOOO much better than autocad…in my opinion.

From what i remember you need to type 1/4 xp … for architectual…u did 1/48 because of the inch to feet converison

give that a try …and i will look for a better answer

Gabe Goldman

Gabe, I would say inventor is easier before I would say better.

If I do 1/4xp what scale is that? 4"=1’?? (Can you tell I’m getting confused??)