Help with autocad

hey guys I need help our team has participated in FIRST before but to be honest most of the knowledge has not been passed down so now we need to make our design in autocad but we cant find a way to create a design without preset parts so where can get we get those(6 inch wheel for example) because its too hard to create part by part so I was hoping maybe someone can help me figure out how and where to download this preset parts from

If you’re asking for COTs parts, AndyMark, Vex, WCP all have CAD files associated with their parts.

Autocad isn’t easy. Fusion can run on macs and is much easier to use. Might be better choice due to your knowledge issue

Ty @Type where can I find these files tho

AutoCAD is great for 2D sketches and laying things out to see if your robot can do something like acquire a ball or drive onto level 2. If you are trying to create 3D parts and combine them in an assembly and have familiarity with AutoCAD I recommend downloading Inventor. Its free for students and the interface has a lot of similarities to AutoCAD which makes it easier to use.

@jblay i personally know to work with autocad well enough is just that if I don’t have presets then it will take days or even weeks to make the final design but ty I’ll try that other program too and see what I can do